5 HOTTER THAN HELL Things to Buy and Sell for a Profit

I am back again with more! As you now know…The antique & collectible market is hot and for whatever the reason, it may be time for you to cash in, or get in on the craze. What could this mean to you? How about earning a few extra bucks in your spare time or just cashing out those lost treasures already hiding your storage? My hope is today’s list just might inspire you to recycle or just maybe, launch a new career….buying and reselling on the secondary market.

Enjoy today’s list, I have plenty more to share but here as promised are 5 Things to Sell that are Hotter than Hell. And yes…I am inspired by KISS so why not start with

1. Hold the Door!
Again, when you see a million reproductions of something, you know people will pay well for the real thing. And this true for Cast Iron Door Stops. Just like I told you in my Dirty 30 Post about cast Iron Banks, the same holds true, those late 19th and early 20th century examples can shock you. The king really being those from the Hubley Manufacturing Company of Lancaster PA. Founded in 1894 and originally a toy company, their popular line of figural doorstops have survived for well overL 100 years.
How about $12,000 for a 13” Giraffe?

2. Cereal Boxes
As many of you know by now, someone collects everything. And even more strange to me, someone who keeps everything. Why else would someone have an old box of unopened and uneaten cereal laying around for it to have become collectible in the first place. Stew on that chicken or the egg for a while.
Delicious 1962 Corn Flakes $576

3. Midcentury Barware
This has now been a been back in vogue for the past few years. I see no signs of it slowing down either as designers and decorators love it. Crazy Retro Cocktails are all the rage. Hey, just like the roaring 20s. That is a little freaky but I digress.

The barware you are looking for is the “Madman,” Post WWII, style. The at-home entertaining, cocktail party patterns, with funky graphics and color are the best. Makers like Libbey, Federal Glass, Hazel-Atlas, and Culver, just to name a few, seem to be the most popular.
This Deco Martinsville Set just brought $670 on eBay…get the idea. That was probably someone’s $20 thrift store find.

4. Quilts
Yes, it seems they might be making a comeback. Back to basics of the 20s and 30s, with 2 color pieces designs are turning up in the design centers. These of course are modern reproductions, a telltale sign of the desire by many, for the real deal. In fact, this is always a good gage for what to look for in the secondhand market. You know, whatever they are reproducing.
Two-Color Pieces Quilts, such as this, are typically $200-$400 these days. This one did $2500!

5. Vintage Computers
Many of the early computers have value today, but keep your eyes peeled in particular for early Apple computers. Did you know a first-generation Apple sold recently for $900,000? 1976 is by no means antique, but you will quickly learn its supply and demand. Not many survived and there is a lot of demand for this this kind of nostalgia. Bonus points for the old pieces if they are in working order.

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Until we stream again….

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