5 Things To Buy And Resell For Extra Cash

5 items you can buy for a discount price and resell for $50 -$150 dollar profit and sometimes seven more

1. Nintendo Switch ( hackable and unhackable)
– Thiers a black market to it and a normal market
– The black market for the hackable switch, that go for usually a $100 premium sometimes more and sometimes less
– And then the normal market, which usually goes up in price during holidays or during pandemics.

– You can buy a Nintendo Switch: $300 – $375
– And you can bundle it with 2 games: $450 – $600 bucks
– Make a profit of $100 – $300 per sale

– Sell them with a box
– If you buy one without the box ( just buy it eBay ) $16 – $30
– But it’s worth it, it’ll sell faster

Websites: Mercari, eBay, Facebook, Craiglist
– Your job is to buy low and sell high

2. Ps4 ( with the release of the 5 comings soon)
– As you guys know, the PlayStation 5 has been announcing
– And it’s coming out during the holiday season
– Meaning that right now as we speak, a lot of people are trying to get rid of their PlayStation 4 and games to save up money

– You got can buy a “Lot” of PlayStation Games: $5 -$15 a pop
– Ps4 Pro and the Slim are the Best: $295 – 350 ( negotiate down to $200 or 250 though)
– Resale for $400 with games ( its tight so you have to negotiate)
– Profit $100 to $50 buck

Tips :
– The demand is going to shrink for these consoles
– You want to buy as low as possible and make it look attractive
– And sell on eBay and any other platform

3. Iphones (it’s not going out of style for a while )
– And for people that ask me, why don’t I talk about androids
– Its because the value just doesn’t hold up
– Compared to an iPhone ( I bought this iPhone for $500 bucks a year ago and can sell it for $475-$550 still)

Iphone X: $350 -$400 : resale $450 – $550
Iphone 11: $500-$600: $50 dollars profit
Iphone 11 Max: $650 – $750: Resale $774 – $900

Go on eBay: search the name and filter by sold and completed items
Same thing with the boxes and all accessories.

4. Goodwill and thrift
– This one is very fun, it’s not just one item buy maybe
– When you to these places
– You can find vintage tees, Electronics, and collectible items

Your Job:
– Look for things that cash your eye: I bought a snowglobe for $5 and sold it for $75 on eBay
– I bought some Chineses soldier statues for $12 and sold them for $55

– Before buying an item, check on eBay if it’s actually selling
– If it’s not, then forget about and keep searching
– Data is king in this game

5. Airpods ( people are always looking for these)
– You would think people wouldn’t buy each other headphones
– But people do
– And so have I in the past for sure

Airpod 2: Charging case : $50-$80 bucks: resale value : $90-$100
Airpod Pro: Charging case + Sound Quality: $120 and $150: resale for 200 to $210 ( sometimes it might be 175 or 190 resale)

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