Bolt (Full Movie Fandub) – "You came back"


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First of all, a GIGANTIC thank you
to all the talented voice actors
that made this project possible.

This project has been in the making for
almost a year now, and now finally I’m
able to present it! I’m extremely
proud of the final product and very
lucky to have been able to put it

A few scenes have been cut out due to
a lack of voice actors to fill certain
roles. A few other scenes have been
clipped because they were mostly action
scenes with little or no voice acting, and
the main goal of this project is to show
off the talents of all the people

The scenes will be split among 2 channels, TheGhostMachine’s and mine.

ONCE AGAIN, a HUGE thank you to everyone
who participated and a huge thank you
to everyone who watches!


Bolt –
Mittens –
Penny –
Rhino –
Dr. Calico –
Penny’s Dad –
Mindy Parker –
The Director –
The Agent –
Veteran Cat –
New Cat –
Vinny –
Bobby –
Martin –
Backup Male Characters –

Penny’s Mom – Original
Joey – Original
Louie – Original
Misc. minor roles throughout the film also used their original voice actors.

Editing –

Visuals/Instrumental (c) Disney

This project is not meant to infringe on Disney’s rights to the content. This project was strictly for fun and to show off the talents of the voice actors

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