Buying and Selling Bitcoin: The Best Time To Dip Buy Vs Not Dip Buy (Study The Stock Market)

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Here’s the summary of buying and selling bitcoin
0:17 Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are following a very well known pattern I’ve been teaching for years
0:37 If you’ve ever had questions about buying and selling stocks, or the patterns I teach my millionaire students, then it’s all available here:
3:22 This is bitcoin consolidation. You can’t expect bitcoin to go to 100,000 without some consolidation
3:44 With penny stocks you get a huge runner up to a ridiculous crash, then you get a little bit of a bounce. This is normal when you’re buying and selling penny stocks.
4:22 This kind of morning panic pattern, I love. But many times these Penny Stock Patterns are being pumped by boiler rooms. Bitcoin, however, is being pumped by “newbies”
5:06 Be careful with bitcoin! I want a bigger crash with bitcoin. I know the patterns with bitcoin.
6:08 What I would say to all of you who are selling bitcoin, be very careful.
6:44 I’m not buying bitcoin because this is a very similar pattern to Penny Stocks
7:36 I like volatility, here’s why
8:06 I give you an example of a stock that I “nailed”
11:06 Let the patterns play out! These patterns work more times than not. This is part of the key to my success with stock trading. I wait for the best plays
12:07 This is an exact pattern that is happening with Bitcoin
13:50 The best path toward success is waiting for the right plays to come to you.

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