How To Buy And Sell Cars Off Craigslist (Insider Tips & Collectables)

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Hey! What’s going on!

I’m going to talk about collectables, Blue Book values, and real market values – what the market is really looking to pay for them and how you could potentially score deals in your local area because of people getting rid of cars and not knowing the value of what they have.

Okay, let’s just talk about cars in general and specifically cars that appreciate in value over time.

Like the Toyota Supra, they stopped making them. The famous Supra was back in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002. I don’t exactly know how much they sold for, but these cars right now are easily selling for $20,000-$30,000. I’ve seen them sell for as high as $40,000, in original condition with low miles. If you can score one of these, you’d be making some big bucks. But a lot of people now know that these are collectables.

Another one is the Honda NSX, these are popular super cars and they are collectables as well. A new one’s coming out or probably is already out right now. I don’t think it’s out for sale yet. So this car, too is popular. They’re selling for $30,000-$50,000. I’ve seen them sell as high as $60,000-$75,000.

So a lot of us don’t have the money to just blow $65,000 on a collectable car like this or even at a good deal, $50,000 and just ride it, have fun with it and then, get rid of it.

So I’m just going to give you a heads up about the Mazda Miata. If you want to buy a collector car that’s going to go up in value, start scouting for an early model – 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 Mazda Miata. You can get them pretty affordably.

I also show you another listing, the M Sport Edition listed for $5,300. That one looked really good. I think this one was the one that was advertised. It used to be like an advertising car.

You could just buy something like this, put some paint on it and redo it. I think this has some 100,000 miles on it. But you can get them pretty affordably.

I’m looking at my local Craiglist – There’s Mazda Miata1996 at $2900 OBO (Or Best Offer), Mazda Miata ’91 at $4500 OBO. That’s not a bad price but again when searching for a car like this you want something that has low miles and is in good condition.

You want to get something that’s been unmolested. You don’t want to get salvaged title.

What I’m looking for is M edition with leather interior. Preferably with hard top and low miles. I’m looking for something that’s going to be hard to find or I’m going to be paying some money for it.

But the whole idea is to scout your local Craiglist or Gumtree or whatever you’re on every single day for 10-15 minutes. You’re going to notice which ones been on and you’re going to notice which one’s brand new when they popped up.

You could get lucky and get a new ad with an owner that’s an old lady or an old retired guy who doesn’t know much about it, they don’t know that it’s like a collector’s edition and just getting rid of it for $3000 or $4000. You can get something with low miles on it.

I have done it before and I sold them but now I want to get one to actually keep. And I don’t want to go crazy and spend $7000-$8000

If they are low numbers like the one selling at $5500, usually they have high miles. Here’s another – 1994 R edition…$11000 for a ‘94 Miata! I mean, that’s way overpriced.

It doesn’t have leather interior. I think this one is an original owner. It doesn’t say but it has 67000 miles.

This is a great car but if you can get it cheaper, it can be a great deal. $6000 or $7000 may be a pretty good deal.

Here’s this one 1991 Mazda MX-5 Miata at $5100. Is not bad. But I don’t want it because it’s not leather interior. I want to get the M edition.

So if you get something like this for $5000, I’m sure in a few years from now, you can get $7000 or $8000 for it. Or if you hold on it for another 10 years, you get a lot more for it.

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