How to buy and sell on IG platform | Why do people trade contract for differences

This is a very basic video on how to open and close a long (buy) and short (sell) position on the trading platform IG CFD. IG CFD makes money from the spread which is the difference between the sell and buy price which explains why a new positions starts in a negative profit. This video illustates how to calculate required margin based on the margin requirement of the instrument and how to set conditional orders. IG CFD is not an investment platform and is suitable for day trader or swing traders.

00:00 Introduction
01:36 How to open a long (buy) position
06:04 Why do I automatically go in a loss?
07:11 How to modify a position
08:29 How to lose a long (buy) position
09:31 Why do people trade CFDs?
11:00 How to create a buy conditional order
13:23 How to delete a conditional order
14:11 How to open and close a short (sell) position


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