How to Buy and Sell Shares | Part 3 | Stock Market for Beginners

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If you are like me, then you think about earning money all the time, so that you can get a good education, secure your family’s future and also save enough to travel, enjoy life. And I am guessing that is why you are interested in the Stock Market. But the problem is, whenever you go to any financial expert, they’ll will give you the same advice that they’ll give 30 other people without understanding what are your specific requirements.
So you can listen to all the experts but the only person you should trust for Stock Market advice, is you. Because only you are responsible for your Stock Market Decisions. And here is the best part, learning it, is not rocket science. And today, I am going to tell you where you need to start.
So Ladies and Gentlemen, Part 3 of Stock Market for Beginners has finally arrived!
In today’s video we are going to discuss…

1) How to make the best Stock Market decisions
2) Step-by-Step procedure on how to buy your first stock using Kite.
3) But most importantly, in the end I’ll give you a Bonus Tip, so that you don’t make the same mistakes that beginners make in the Stock Market.

Let’s start learning! 🙂


– KITE User Manual Links: (MUST Read before buying your first share)

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