How to enter Secondary Sharemarket| Stepwise|How to sell IPO/Buy Shares in Nepali Sharebazar|Part-12

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You are watching accotutor. This is the 12th part of Share Tutorials for Beginners in Nepali. Upto know i have guided you in Primary market of Nepali Sharebazar But from this video you will know how to enter secondary sharemarket in Nepal.
Secondary sharemarket is one of the types of sharemarket . In Secondary market the shares of company will be traded in NEPSE(Nepal Stock Exchange). Trading of shares occur between people and there is no any involvement of company. All the shares of company are traded through sharebrokers.
Share Brokers are the middlemen/women who helps in meeting buyers and sellers. If anyone holding Ipo or Fpo of any company; and want to sell it then they will contact share broker to sell it.
Also if anyone want to buy shares of anyone then they will contact sharebroker and sharebroker will help him/her in purchasing shares of any company. For these all secondary market transactions one must contact shares brokers of their nearest location and open Trading account there.
Trading account is an account provided by NEPSE for secondary market transactions. Through secondary market one can sell or buy shares in nepali share market. Also if you have taken ips connect service then you will receive or make payment from there.
There is no any charges for opening trading account in Nepal.

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नमस्ते सबैजनालाई !!
आज म तपाईहरुलाई Secondary Market अर्थात दोस्रो सेयरमा सेयर किन्ने र बेच्ने काम कसरी हुन्छ त्यसबारेमा जानकारी दिन जादै छु । Primary Market मा किनेको Ipo र Fpo तपाईहरु दोस्रो बजारमा बेचेर पैसा कमाउन सक्नुहुन्छ ।।
यो भिडियो अन्तिम सम्म हेर्नु होला त्यस पछि तपाईले नेपाली सेयर बजारमा सेयर किन्न र बेच्न सक्नुहुन्छ ।।

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Shares Brokers in Nepal
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