How to Evaluate Businesses in 2020 – Buying and Selling Business Advice for Entrepreneurs

In this video, I speak with eCommerce & Business Due Diligence Expert, Marvin Baker, about how to approach mergers and acquisitions for the highest success rate. He shares advice for buyers and sellers regarding communicating with accountants, navigating personality differences with people you work with, the importance of mindset and awareness during acquisitions, and the significance of transferring goodwill in your sale.

Tune in to learn action steps buyers and sellers can take right now when holistically evaluating businesses, the importance of self-education and continuous learning as a business owner, and staying focused throughout the acquisition process.

“Earnings aren’t necessarily the most important factor in evaluations.” – Marvin Baker

⏩ Skip Ahead:
0:00:23 The importance of mindset and awareness for buying and selling businesses
0:04:18 Standards in entrepreneurial accounting: Breakdowns happens here the most
0:05:47 A success story of how Marvin guided his client to a successful acquisition
0:09:48 Advice for potential buyers and sellers for communicating with their accountants
0:12:51 Personality differences between visionary entrepreneurs and analytical, finance-focused people + How those differences have come into play in Marvin’s experience
0:16:42 There’s more to an acquisition than earnings
0:20:11 The significance of transferring goodwill during acquisitions
0:21:50 Action steps you can take right now: Evaluate your business holistically
0:23:27 The best book about accounting for buyers or sellers
0:28:41 Marvin’s parting words: Stay focused on getting through to the other side
0:29:19 A Key Resource: Marvin’s 13-point checklist

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