How To Make A WordPress Website The New Way 😎For Beginners 😎

In this video I show you how to create a website in a new way! An easier and better way! It will save you time and make your website look professional! Since a lot of people are helping the WordPress community to make better websites we will take full advantage of that!

We will create an amazing website without having to add one single line of code! It is all about selecting pre-made areas (by professionals) and importing them into your website. The only thing you need to do is adjust the content to your wishes!

Here are some important links:
Get Webhosting:
Get Example Images:
Example Website:

Overview With Timestamps
00:00:00 Intro
00:00:15 Overview Of The Tutorial
00:02:15 For Who Is This Tutorial?
00:02:38 The 4 Steps We Will Take

Domain and Webhosting
00:02:54 Get a Domain-name And Web-hosting
00:06:33 Choose A Domain-name
00:07:22 Fill In Your Details
00:11:01 Install WordPress
00:11:53 Add (free) SSL To Make Your Website Secure

00:12:53 Login To WordPress
00:13:21 the Front end And Backend of WordPress
00:14:54 Clean Up Your WordPress Website
00:15:59 Configure Your Profile
00:17:09 Configure The Settings
00:17:51 Permalinks

Astra, Elemento and Starter Templates
00:18:39 Check Out Tons Of Pre Made Websites You Can Import
00:21:24 An Introduction to Elementor
00:22:01 Install The Astra Theme
00:23:22 Install Elementor
00:23:57 Import A Pre Made Website With Starter Templates

Adjusting Your Website
00:28:54 Choose Colors For Your Branding/Website
00:30:51 Download The Images I Use In This Tutorial
00:31:31 Give Your Website A Title
00:32:26 Change The Colors In Your Website
00:36:33 How To Edit In Elementor
00:39:37 Edit Colors In Elementor
00:46:57 Adjust the Footer Area
00:50:44 Copy and Paste Styles Between Pages
00:54:49 Blending Modes

00:56:58 Create A Hero For Your Website
00:57:32 Get Free Images At Pixabay
01:01:13 Create Titles In The Header
01:03:22 The Navigator
01:04:36 Add Motion Effects
01:05:17 A Better Way To Get Images From Pixabay
01:05:43 Add a Background Video
01:06:27 Make Your Website Responsive

Astra Starter Sites
01:08:26 Import Parts Of Pre Made Templates
01:14:23 Import Pre Made Blocks
01:18:49 Follow Up Tutorial

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