Ibong Adarna (full movie)

A movie filmed by Grade 7-Einstein students of Daniel Maramba National High School s.y. 2013-2014 for educational purpose. I do not own any of the background musics used in this video. CTTO.

To remind you guys, we’re only GRADE7 when we created such movie. I wonder why yall expect smth better than the other Ibong Adarna movies here in yt. Let’s be honest here, you guys were here either bc you have to submit your own Ibong Adarna movie, or you have to know the story. Okay, maybe not all of you, but most of you were here for either of the two reasons. And like you, we’re also students who needs to submit such. I’m not a pro editor or anything. I’m sorry if cant go beyond your expectations but srsly we’re only GRADE7 here and it’s the very first film we’ve ever did so wyd. I just cant understand why yall commenting why the hell did we used 1Ds song and why the characters are ugly. They were only used as our project and not presented as if on theaters.


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