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The WP Event Manager Mailchimp plugin helps you grow Mailchimp lists as it automates the Syncing process of the registered user data of your Event website in your Mailchimp list.

Automate Marketing Process-
Syncing user data all at one platform will automate the email marketing process, further increasing conversions.

No more export and Import of CSV files!-
Attendees are automatically added to your Mailchimp mailing list when they register. No more need to export CSV files.

Sync Type- Manual and Automated –
The data syncing process can be done on a manual, automation, or cron job basis.

Event-specific syncing to specific audience list in Mailchimp account-
Synchronize event attendees seamlessly to a list in your Mailchimp account. Pick the attendees from specific events that you would like to include, and sync them in the audience list created previously in your Mailchimp account.

Syncing of attendee information when a new user is registered –
Any time a new user registers on the website, the Organizer needs not synchronize the data manually for each registrant. . Instead, the plugin wonderfully provides this feature to all organizers to automatically synchronize user data as soon as a new user is registered on the website.

Automatic syncing of attendee information at Frontend –
The organizers stay updated with their Mailchimp account as the plugin significantly allows them to sync all the attendee information directly and automatically as and when someone registers on their events. This is either done automatically as and when the new registration is received or on a cron job basis. No more hassling around with exports and imports of the user’s data when they are done automatically.

Manual attendee information Syncing at Frontend –
Manual syncing allows Organizers to determine which individual attendees need to be synced to their audience list. They get the option of choosing particular attendees from a real lot of data on the website.

Automatic Sync Contact organizer Information –
Mailchimp by wp event manager automatically integrates with the contact organizer form fields, allowing you to sync the data on the Mailchimp database, just as fields selected by you over the backend or frontend.

Automatic attendee information Syncing at Admin Panel –
Mailchimp by WP Event Manager can automatically send registration data to your existing databases in real-time. The alternative is exporting data as a CSV file on a regular basis and then importing it into all your Mailchimp systems to move your data elsewhere. So we save you time and hassle.

Manual attendee information Syncing at Admin Panel –
The Plugin not only allows to sync the data automatically for the events but also allows bulk syncing manually where the data can be event-specific.

An Option to select what data to be synced –
Data sync will add all the information that you select in the Field mapping tables while setting us the plugin and update your attendee information in your Mailchimp audience section with the same information.

Create Campaigns and Send email newsletters from Your Mailchimp Platform –
To start working with Wp event manager Mailchimp, all you need to do is enter your Mailchimp API key and select which subscribers list to add your attendees to. It will then start sending over attendee data in near real-time, depending upon your set settings. Subscribers will be assigned to “groups” made in advance in Mailchimp. This allows you to send broadcast emails on the Mailchimp platform only to users added to your group from Your Mailchimp account.

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