Motorola Moto E6 Plus Review | A worthy £100 mobile?

Reviewing Motorola’s Moto E6 Plus, a £100 budget smartphone sporting a dual lens camera, HD display and 3000mAh battery. It’s certainly cheap, but will you be cheerful if you buy the Moto E6 Plus?

Well, there’s certainly a lot to like here. That camera tech is perfectly respectable for this affordable asking price, while Motorola has added a decent bokeh mode to add blurring to your portrait shots. The high-def screen may not serve up 1080p visuals but it’s still perfectly fine for your Netflix sessions and a bit of YouTube.

However, the basic performance means the Moto E6 Plus struggles with apps occasionally. You can forget PubG as well – only the most basic gaming is worth it here.

Is the Moto E6 Plus one of the best cheap smartphones as we head into 2020? Well, the stock Android UI is neat and tidy and the likes of the face recognition are worthy bonus features. However, the Nokia 3.2 offers stronger battery life, while the Moto G7 Power costs a little more and solves most of the E6’s issues. Check out my full review here on Tech Spurt!

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