Mutual Funds BUY and SELL – May 2018 | HINDI

Mutual Funds BUY and SELL data is very important for investors. As an investor you cannot take any decision solely based on the Mutual Funds BUY and SELL data. However, this data can help you to take right decision by finding out the stocks on which the AMC’s are strongly bullish or bearish.

For example, if one of the stocks is sold by all major AMC”s then as an investor i should not hold that stock in my portfolio. On the contrary, if all major AMC’s are increasing their position in a particular stock then i should definitely consider including that stock in my portfolio.

Secondly, it is important to check for which mutual fund schemes the AMC is buying or selling a particular stock. I will prefer to trust the fund manager and mutual fund scheme instead of simple Mutual Funds BUY and SELL data.

Lastly, always remember that mutual funds are not always right in their decision making. Therefore, it is wrong impression that if mutual funds are buying a particular stock then it will definitely go up or in case they are selling then that stock will definitely fall or can be a loss-making proposition.

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