My editing super computer, what's inside?!

Computer –
Monitor –

This video is sponsored by MSI

“Disclaimer” my knowledge of computers and parts is limited and I am not a computer expert.
The information in this video has been delivered from the best of my abilities.

Okay so this is the fastest computer I’ve used, and exports videos 3 times quicker than my older desktop setup. MSI have crushed it with this one. This desktop set up is now my new setup for editing and I’ll be using it to create my future videos.

It’s worth a mention that it used to be a struggle for me to work with 360 camera footage, but this new computer has allowed me to play back Insta 360 video codecs ( no proxy ) in 1/8 resolution very rarely dropping frames.

When buying computers or building it’s up to you research and keep up to date with new technology that is available.


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