Polar V800 & Polar M400 Reviews. Feature comparison between M400 and V800

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V800 : http://geni.us/polarV800YT
M400 : http://geni.us/polarM400YT
Review – https://www.cardiocritic.com/polar-m400-review/
Review – https://www.cardiocritic.com/polar-v800-review/

For the online reviews please visit Polar M400 – http://bit.ly/1Mf1RaF and Polar V800 – http://bit.ly/1RkIzHJ. This video review of the V800 and M400 highlights the main differences between the two watches as well as providing a product walk through.

Both the V800 and the M400 make brilliant training partner. Both have MULTI SPORT support, however, the V800 allows the user to perform, for example, swim, bike & run all in the SAME single SESSION/FILE. On the M400 you’d need to STOP each session, change sport, then start again. If you are a TRIATHLETE then you should be considering the V800

Summary of features found on V800 and NOT on M400

Training Load (via Polar Flow)
Daily Activity breakdown view (base activity versus exercise)
Recovery Status (via Polar Flow)
Orthostatic Fitness test
Jump Tests
Swim Metrics
Power Pedal support
Cadence sensor support (pedal RPM)
Bike Speed Sensor support
Race Pace (the V800 can PACE you to achieve a distance in a set time)
Altimeter (GPS based)

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