Realme 7 Pro Review | OLED on a budget phone!

Reviewing the Realme 7 Pro, the best budget smartphone of 2020 to come packing an OLED screen, after testing it as my full-time mobile. Here’s my verdict on the camera tech, gaming performance, battery life and the rest of the Realme 7 Pro experience. You can grab this phone in the UK for £279, released on October 13, from Amazon.

We’ve seen some great affordable handsets in recent months, including the excellent Poco X3 NFC, with Motorola’s Moto G9 Plus on the horizon. But for video streaming, this here is one of my favourite options. The 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display is bright, vibrant, sharp and boasts incredible contrast, untouchable by other budget phones.

The quad-lens rear camera is remarkably effective across a range of conditions, although the secondary lenses are best left out of the picture. You’ve also got enough grunt to cope with PubG Mobile and Call of Duty on top detail settings, especially with this 8GB review model.

Battery life is another winner. The Realme 7 Pro can go all day long, no matter what you’re up to, while ColorOS 7.2 serves up fresh features like a Super saver mode.

Check out my comparison vs the original Realme 7 to see how these smartphones stack up and let me know your own verdict below!

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