Scavenger Life Episode 172: How to find, identify, buy and sell fabric on eBay

Ryanne’s mom, Jena from Jumble & Clutter, sat down with us during the holiday to talk all about fabric. Jena has been making her own clothes since the 60s and has the “expert hand” at feeling out quality fabrics and linens to sell on eBay. We have certainly learned a ton from asking her to help us identify what fabric buyers might be looking for. All in all, we always try to look for all natural materials like wool, silk, linen, cotton and rayon (yes it’s natural, who knew?). Resources mentioned are How to do a burn test, Ralph Lauren pattern site and Tartan Plaid finder

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We live in rural America, and we are Scavengers — especially when it comes to making money on eBay by selling items we find in or near the waste stream, at auctions, yard sales and thrift stores. This allows us to avoid full time jobs, which gives us more time to scavenge and enjoy our lives. It’s a positive reinforcing cycle.

We are eBay Top Rated + Power Sellers. Each week we post a couple 1 hour long podcasts sharing stories about our eBay selling. We welcome all questions and stories of your own eBay experiences. Sharing helps make us all better Scavengers. Call us now! 540 407 8486

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