The Best Way to Organize Your Computer Files

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Is your computer’s desktop a jumble of shortcuts and apps you never use? Is your English essay hiding somewhere in your Borderlands 2 game saves folder? Is the word “backup” something you only say when playing co-op video games? If so, IT’S TIME TO STOP.

Today, I’ll share a simple process for organizing the files on your computer – and keeping them that way. We’ll build a simple-yet-flexible system of folders that will make it easy to find anything you need. We’ll also talk about cloud syncing, the best way to name your files, backup options, and dig a bit into shortcuts and other ways to access frequently-used files quickly.

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01:41 – Two important rules for file organization
02:22 – The tree structure explained
04:08 – In-depth look at my folder structure
07:31 – How to name your files
08:33 – The best cloud sync app (and why you need it)
10:30 – How to back up your files (cloud sync isn’t enough)
13:09 – Use shortcuts and quick access
14:36 – Audible and a book recommendation

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