The Lily of Belgium (1915) movie

The film was made during the First World War and it serves as an allegory to the situation.

When a young girl finds a beautiful dead lily in the woods, she asks her grandfather to tell her about it. He tells her an allegory about the Lily of Belgium: The lily stands in splendor beside a stream, admired by the creatures of the woods. But an army of beetles, bent on conquering new territories, wants to cross the stream – and the lily is blocking their way.

The Lily of Belgium (1915) movie

Genres: Animation, Drama
Production Co: Skobelev Committee

Directed by Vladislav Starevich
Writing Vladislav Starevich
Cinematography by Vladislav Starevich
Production Design by Vladislav Starevich

Irina Starevich, Jan Wichniekski

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