The Wild Sheep, Episode 8: Brexit, Trump's Veto, Tech News

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A sheep breaks out of the herd and presents us with interesting information with a new perspective in times of pandemic. Giving you news for the people by the people!

In today’s episode, we examine Brexit (…​) and what it will change in the lives of Europeans. In the United States, the US Congress has overturned President Donald Trump’s veto (…​) of a defense spending bill of $740.5 billion The Alden Global Capital (…​) is seeking to gain more control over the US media.Texas state’s attorney general, Ken Paxton, supported by 9 other states, has filed an antitrust lawsuit (…​) against Google. Microsoft (…​) acknowledged Thursday that attackers who spearheaded a massive hack of government and private computer networks gained access to its internal source code. Stories of COVID-19’s collateral damage.(…​) Want to move to a self-sufficient Ecovillage? (​)

Wishing you a very Happy New Year! Dig deep and stay wild!

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