1. Apple Products/ Electronics Generally (More capital needed)
2. Sneakers (More Capital Needed)
3. Thrift Store Items (Little Capital Needed)
4. Cars (A Lot Of Capital Needed)
5. Concert Tickets (Little Capital Needed)

The resell business is awesome, it is as simple as becoming educated in a specific market and learning how to find good deals. I bought my M3 for an insane price and will profit $3,000-$4,000 on it which is insane because it is a huge ROI! Same thing with most of my tech that I own, my Apple Watch, my business iPhone, my AirPods (sold for 2x this week) and the list goes on! Minimizing cost to own luxury items and actually profiting on them used to be a dream. It is now a reality and I am able to own some awesome things and enjoy them without losing money and actually making money owning things that people traditionally lose money while owning…
With that being said, here is the link to learn EXACTLY how to hop into the reselling game with the blueprint that will minimize your learning curve and maximize your profits. 35% OFF coupon code: GRAD
Course : (code expires in 24 hours)
Once you hop in with this code, DM me on Instagram so I can personally help you resell your first iPhone successfully and get you going on the correct path to success.

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