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Welcome back for another unboxing video! For this video I unbox and take my first look at my new Canon EOS M50. This is all so new to me as a beginner but I will learn to use this powerful camera for a range of different images and videos. And I’m so excited to share this with you as this was my Birthday day gift as well.

But I would like thank my sponsors for my accessories to complete the whole set of my new vlogging equipment. Thank you so much guys for the support and generosity.

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I appreciate your support and Thank you for watching! I hope you enjoy!

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Special Thanks to my sister for making this happen:

@Jessa Cuartel https://youtu.be/wOgnYYAEq4U

Thanks to my generous sponsors:
@Master Meow https://youtu.be/EqFDHXct-bE
@Joy Penpillo https://youtu.be/69BpggDAtJM
@Dmoi P, https://youtu.be/OF7Vc_ShgFY

Canon EOS M50
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@MOMMIES CORNER https://youtu.be/9ayoNpSpEZs
@Mykel Garcia https://youtu.be/Z4RP_Q5HE-g
@Neelen Clear https://youtu.be/DLNgOV_d0KY
@Paulyn’s Cooking https://youtu.be/VMG0c0Ts708
@reynaldo ruiz https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCueXoMUr4nU3cyaPZ0Y-x6g
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@Triple Elle https://youtu.be/KnTs4D-mA7g
@Mimi Wee Pinay https://youtu.be/hlq7Sdk6Th4
@Jim Alin https://youtu.be/-gG5SHXiQxU
@Christer Pan https://youtu.be/HvC-QCTHtmw
@Joel Balledo TV https://youtu.be/bmPyBnXR5_U
@miko long https://youtu.be/9BYU7gFQAHE
@RaQi HS Vlog https://youtu.be/dNQ5rdzL8ao
@jovenie’s Project https://youtu.be/XfyN0F_zaY0
@Jojo Valerio https://youtu.be/jple8WM2w60
@KATEARJAMES SQUAD https://youtu.be/_Mq1coXfpuY
@Miggy & Ross https://youtu.be/VI_Le47J-D4
@Kuya i-Sanitized Mo to – AtBp https://youtu.be/hL1IYaQAuiU

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