Xfinity Mobile 2020 Review: New 5G Data Plans and Pricing Changes!

Xfinity Mobile has launched 5G service and two new data plans. Pricing for the Unlimited plan remains the same, but 1GB of shared data on the By the Gig plan increased from $12 to $15. In this video, I update my previous Xfinity Mobile reviews with new information about the 5G plans that launched in May 2020. Read my full review on


0:00 Introduction
0:37 Eligibility Requirement
1:32 5G Plans and Pricing Update
2:21 Flexible Data Plans
3:15 Xfinity Mobile vs. Verizon Data Speeds
4:08 Mobile Hotspot
5:04 Video Streaming
6:08 Call and Text Performance
7:05 Phone Selection and Deals
7:54 Customer Service
8:45 Pros and Cons Summary


Xfinity Mobile Speed Test:

Original Xfinity Mobile Review:

Visible Review:


Xfinity Mobile vs. Visible: Which Cell Phone Service Is Best?:

Xfinity Mobile Review:

Visible by Verizon Wireless Review:

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